Thursday, June 14, 2012

Packing for the village part 2

I would like to share a little bit about how we did some different things that helps us out in the village...And lets face always help if not MAKE the story.

We have been learning some food type, packing type, etc things that has been a fun and interesting learning curve. 

First off,
the cheese.....

Apparently, as some of you may know, cheese will not spoil (as quickly) if it is submerged in voila!  Isn't it beautiful?  I will take an after picture, once we actually get it into our kitchen and it has already made its voyage across the sea, and see if it is still as beautiful.  Hoping that it makes it okay.  Tupperware here is a complete joke so we paid WAY TOO MUCH for these little dinky containers that may or may not leak.  I tested them with water before I "made" the cheese and they mostly were air tight. :)  This is just 2 kilos of cheese.  Or for all you Americans out there...about 5 pounds. 

And then there is the meat situation.
We have practically NO meat (unless Hought catches some fish, fingers crossed) or we can eat some meat at some celebrations that the villages have.  But as we will not have any refrigeration, actually having meat on the island isn't a huge option at this point anyway.  SO we have learned that there are a couple missionary families that dehydrate ground beef and package it up and add it to meals.  We also purchased lentils and dried beans (which is a new development here in Vanuatu, you usually cannot find dried beans that are not completely eaten already by weevils) So we were jazzed to see a new frenchy store with un-weevily beans. 

So here is Laura and I sporting the "chop suey" or better know as stir fry cut meat right before we turn on the dehydrator.  It runs about 12 hours and is crispy when finished.  We hope to have recipes perfected by the time this stint is over. :)

and here I am putting the finished product in ziplock baggies which will then be double bagged and put into a well sealed seen in the following pic of me with beans.

So as you may have read from our newsletter, these nifty little barrels were previously used by a resort here for the pool.  The chlorine barrels are water proof and fairly sturdy.  So we put all our dehydrated meat and beans and lentils in this one and had one other that I put all our books in.

So this time around we packed all our cooking gear, sleeping stuff, food bought here in town to last us for this time out in the village, a small about of school (mostly just books to keep the kids reading) some notebooks to make observations in and journal in, etc.  We are taking these 8 weeks off of school so we can focus on just hanging out with the people and getting as much language exposure as possible.
The Brisk makes a stop on North Ambrym about once a week.  So we are able to a large amount of our things on the ship and we will get to be there when the ship arrives to take some photos.  

Here are some photos of us packing up for the stuff to go on the ship.
Hought taping up the boxes.

Recognize those totes anyone?  :) Here you can also see the gas bottle that will provide for our two burner stove on the bottom left of teh photo.  Generator is just behind the gas bottle.  We hope not to use it on this time out but bringing just in case.

This is in the warehouse for The Brisk.  It hadn't come to Vila yet on its run from Santo (a Northern island) so they keep all the cargo in this warehouse until it arrives and can be loaded.

We pay buy how much space our cargo takes up on the ship, so you can see them measuring it out here.  We also had our things shrink wrapped! WAHOO! :)

Houghton working on getting the satilite up and running.  A practice run for when we get it out in the bush.  I can say that it was a very successful practice run as I am currently updating this blog using the MUCH faster internet connection from it.

Gwen has wanted to get her hair chopped for some time now.  I figured now was a great time for it.  She looks SUPER cute with her new hairdo.

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