Friday, March 14, 2008


Well, the time is rapidly approaching for our baby to be born. I have been feeling good and our appointments with our midwife have been going good as well. Now, all we can do is wait on the Lord for His perfect timing! We have small groups scheduled consistently until the 18th so Laura is just hoping that baby will prove to be considerate of those appointments and hold off. :)

Jesiah and Gwen are healthy and loving the warm weather and abundance of parks in our area! Our time here has looked a little different since Boise winter is over and it is about 50 degrees each day while back in Miles City I am told it is still a typical MT winter. :) So I am thankful for our warmth. Good thing we are going to Vanuatu and not Siberia eh? I guess I should be careful what I say though huh God...He has an interesting sense of humor. ;)

We will be getting our newsletter in the mail by the end of the week and we pray they find you all doing well. We LOVE hearing from you so drop us a line or an e-mail and let us know what God is doing in your life etc....

ALSO I am going to be putting new pictures of our family in the slideshow that you see on the right side of the blog instead of in the body. So check out what we have been up to through those pic's as well!

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