Monday, March 31, 2008

Week 1 with Addy

We have thoroughly been enjoying our new little girl! She has proven to be a quite little thing that enjoys to sleep and eat. :) No complaints here. ;)

God has blessed our family greatly. We are experiencing blessing after blessing from Him and feel a little crazed to be on the receiving end all so often. Thank you to all who have given us tremendous support through these months. Financial support, encouraging us through notes and phone calls even posting a comment! We LOVE hearing from you all to know that we are working side-by-side on this crazy journey God has placed us on.

Please check out the slide show to the right for more pics of Adalaya. Our new little baby girl and our other little kiddos.


Amanda said...

Gretch- I just sent an email but I had wanted to tell you, you look great in your pictures. You have that beautiful new mother glow!!!

Daiquiri said...

It was so nice to meet you all tonight. I'm amazed by your joy and faith and courage...inspiring!

Thanks so much for taking the time to share with us at our home group this evening. You will most definitely be in my prayers :)


Daiquiri said...

It's me again. You all have been on my mind non-stop since we met last night.

I have a request for you. Would you mind adding a "stuff needed" list to your blog? If/when I or others want to put care packages together for you, it would be really helpful to know what you need and want.

I'm also a little unclear about your schedule. It seems that you're focusing right not on building partnerships with people to get your prayer, $$, and "stuff" needs met. What's after that?

Looking forward to keeping in touch with you through this. I know that I'm not being called as an in-the-field missionary, but I certainly have a heart for helping you in any way possible.