Thursday, July 24, 2008

Getting pack that is...

We have decided to use the next couple days to practice pack. It should be interesting to see how and where we are going to fit everything...and who knows maybe we will be pleasantly surprised to find we have EXTRA space. I am not sure about that though. ;)

We have 4 suitcases, two large backpack/duffle bag things, and some carry ons that we will be using to pack the next 2 years into. Five words for you I LOVE SPACE SAVER BAGS. :) They will be super helpful. Ya know the little gadgets that are like a glorified zip-lock that you can suck the life out of with a vacuum and they shrink all your stuff. AWESOME. One problem being that although your stuff gets doesn't get lighter! So we will be preparing by lifting weights! :)

We keep getting asked if we are ready. To which Houghton and I almost simultaniously say "NO". :) One day at a time we get more and more done. I am amazed at how much little things are floating around on our "to do" lists. Houghton said the other day that on his "to do" list was to organize his "to do" list. Craziness. ;) I think if we get to Vanuatu with most of our brains we will be doing GREAT. God is so good though. We are sleeping fairly well..perhaps that will change as the days get even closer. PLEASE PRAY for us in this regard. That our minds would be able to let us sleep so we can have energy to get through another hectic day.

A couple days ago we got these little handy guys at Wal-Mart. You cannot imagine (or maybe you can cause you have been there) navigating through the airports we will be going through with our kiddos. Not that they are not WONDERFULLY behaved kids, but I just always wecome a little peace of mind. So we plan on having our kids where these cute little backpacks while we are trecking through LAX (oh my what a mess) (thats the airport in LA, CA if you were wondering) and also in Fiji and Vanuatu. Jesiah and Gwen LOVE them. They have been wearing them around the house for fun and think they are just the best. So that is helpful.
I cannot wait to post a picture of what we will look like when we get all airport geared up. It will be an art now doubt. What a blessing to have another set of eyes along with us. Laura that is! She is such an awesome help.

Keep us in your prayers as these days pass! CHECK OUT OUR WEBSITE (link on the right if you didn't know) so you can see more pics and also know our schedule and see more prayer requests!

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disciple de Dieu said...

I am incredably excited for you guys!!! God willing I will be leaving in August too! My Visa arrived in the mail yesterday! Your in my prayers!