Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Is it time to FREAK OUT yet?

We have been keeping busy these days. Getting our will prepared plus burial isn't that crazy, and retirement info gathered and consolidated, bank accounts consolidated and closed, addresses changed, last minute Internet purchases for things we need before we take off.....and the list goes on and on.

We are so excited to be IN VANUATU and yet there is a lot of anxiety that goes along with it! I cannot imagine what our life is going to look like there. We have secured housing which is a HUGE blessing, praise God, and so that takes a lot of anxiety out of the move.

I, Gretchen, am anxious about flying over the Pacific...not because of flying but because it means 10ish hours of my kids needing to be good and SLEEP. I am also anxious about packing everything into our suitcases...I am sure it will all fit..but we may not have enough hands to carry it all through the airports! AHHH...I do freak out every once in a while when my mind begins to worry. Thankfully we have a God who promises to take the anxiety out of our lives when we cast it all on Him. THANK YOU SO MUCH LORD. I NEED that!

Please keep our family in prayer as we take this on full force very soon. We would LOVE to hear from you and also hear that you are praying for us! We are all in this together ya know! We are joyful to be going out for Christ's name and with your help.

Thank you to one of our supporters who sent me this verse, "Let the beloved of the LORD rest secure in Him, for He shields him all day long, and the one the LORD loves rest between His shoulders." Deuteronomy 33:12


Anonymous said...

Hey Guys- We are so excited for you and your new adventure! I hope you will be able to keep your blog/newletters going out so we can read how you are doing, and seeing pictures of you all and your new home. We will always be thinking & praying for you! Be careful and God Bless! We Love You!!!
The Bloyer's

Houghton, Gretchen, Jesiah, Gwenyth, and Adalaya said...

We will DEFINITELY be able to keep this blog AND our website up and running.

It is imparitive that you all back in the states can see what is going on in our lives while we are in Vanuatu and also while in Australia.

So be sure to keep looking and watching!


Anonymous said...

Hi there!
Just had to smile picturing you with all your bags going through the airport. :) You need to have someone take a picture of you. That will be fun!
I'm anxious to continue reading these and know how things are going! Know that you will be in my prayers. Always remember God is where ever you are!