Saturday, November 08, 2008

Been a while now...

Sorry it has been a while since we have posted an entry about what is going on in random everyday happenings. (But be sure to read Houghtons "part one" entry of his Ambrym survey trip) We have been experiencing some time consumers.

Thankfully, as I blogged previously, we are all healed from the flu. Unfortunatly just after Houghton came home and then recovered from his bought with the flu, a nasty cold set in and took his voice away and also left him not feeling totally 100%. And to add to it...he accidently cut his finger badly and so he had/has to nurse it while it heals. (Sores do not heal quickly in this climate and one has to be gentle and slow while it heals or else you will be facing a much bigger problem. So he has had to take it easy because of his finger too.)
He cut it while making an arrow for Si. It is kinda funny because as soon as our friend Louis heard about it, he told Houghton..."oh the next time you want one you need to have me make it!" It goes along with "Oh, if you ever want to get a coconut out of the tree you have to have me help you get it." Its funny because "black man" (this is what Ni-Vanuatu call themselves ) dont think that "white man" should do anything that could cause harm to thier soft, white bodies. SO it is really funny that Houghton DID actually cut himself.
To add to the reason for the tardy blog post...Addy contracted Dengue Fever. Houghton was suspicious when she was running high tempts early in the week and she was crying a lot (this is NOT her normal behavior). And when a rash came, his suspistions were confirmed. She is now on the mend and is sleeping better and eating better. She had a rough go of it. I am so thankful that she is a trooper and hung in there quite well through it all.
Check out the journaling tab to read more details of these events...
I just wanted to let you all know what was up with us. I am hoping to get into more of a swing again to update the blog with pics and Houghton with the rest of his Ambrym report.
Thanks for praying and loving us.

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