Monday, November 17, 2008

cultural blunders

I am almost daily amazed at how different our minds can work. We are all humans. Created by one God. All descendants of one man and one woman, but through thousands of years we have gone and done things differently depending on the groups we separated into. A book that I found incredibly enlightening on cultural differences just because of climate is "Foreign to Familiar" by Sara Lanier . It has been somewhat challenging to understand the magnificent people that we are seeing daily here. Our minds work totally different. I am intimidated by this in many respects simply because of the effects of these thought differences can lead to. I pray that I would be seen as genuine and humble despite by blunders.
I cannot recommend this book enough. It gets into the mind of not only our own culture, but the mind of the culture that I am now living and expected to function and prosper in. I love these people and I desire for that love to grow more and more...but I do feel that I need to also love their ways of going about life and their personalities etc. It is sometimes so foreign that I struggle to see past it. There is beauty in differences. But there is a HUGE challenge in understanding.
Check out the book and let me know what you think! If only you could be here experiencing the differences with us. ;)

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