Thursday, November 27, 2008

Lap Lap

Getting ready to eat. The lap lap is on the ground in the middle of us all. Winnie is holding Addy, and Jen is in the forground with her 5 month old Willi.

Wrapping up the lap lap with leaves. You can see onion, coconut milk, and island cabbage. There is wild yam mush inside the island cabbage. And large lap lap leaves around the outside ready to be folded to completely cover the food.

Winnie and Addy.

Great story behind this pic...Winnie put Addy in the sling and so part of the fabric hangs down and so Gwen thought that it was me...because she is probably used to seeing the sling fabric she was cuddling up to Winnie (as she was scared all day and wouldn't leave my side) So in this pic Gwen is looking up at Winnie realizing that it wasn't me. It was great.

This little man was only 5 months old. He is HUGE. But SUPER adorable. Gwen wanted to hold him all day. :)

Scratching coconut for the lap lap...while gwen waits to snitch little pieces to eat.

I'm not sure who this kid was...but Si played all DAY... this is the only pic I have with him in it as he was gone off doing something with all the kids while we were taking all the pics.

The crew. Tania and Gracie came up with us.

Preparing island cabbage for the lap lap. We are sitting in the yard of this community. The whole family (and then some) live in this section of land. So you can see some houses and clothes lines in the background.

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