Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Dedicated to Laura Faltynski

I have to say that this is dedicated to Laura because she is hilariously dedicated to researching things out on the Internet. Bryan and Laura, along with their two kids Winter and Creedon, (and other one on the way I might add) visited Miles City this weekend. We were able to chat with them for a while tonight and I am amazed and so ENCOURAGED by how much she knew about Vanuatu and whatnot just because of her interest! So, I write now to her...because I know she will soon be reading :) that I thank you! Thank you for the encouragement you are to us just by showing us that you actually read this thing that we call our blog. :)

I know many of you out there are thinking...okay...so I am totally reading this blog now too....so whats up with that? Well, LET US KNOW. We desperately need encouragement at times like now. Our road is long ahead of us and we face some interesting transitions in our lives and we humbly ask you to let us know if God has given you a word of encouragement through this blog, through our lives, or through some other avenue!

So again thank you Laura! This ones for you! ;)


Laura Faltynski said...

Yeah, okay, I do have an obsession. But...at least it doesn't alter my brain chemistry ;)
You guys rock, and are ALWAYS in my prayers.

David and Kathy Washburn said...

We are reading your blog and keeping up with whats happening in your life and ministry.

David and Kathy Washburn