Tuesday, May 29, 2007

What we are up to these days

So, what on earth are we doing now that Houghton has left his work at the hospital and I am no longer teaching voice lessons? We are traveling! We are calling, e-mailing, and snail mailing churches and individuals to schedule times to visit and share about our latest trip to Vanuatu and what God is leading us to do in Vanuatu for the next umpteen years.

So if you are a church or an individual who is interested in having us come and share with your church or small group or whatever...let us know. This is the whole point in us quitting our "jobs", so we can now be free to travel and hook up with people around the United States and invite them to join with us in bringing Christ to Ni-Vans!

We also are planning on attending pre-field orientation in Georgia which lasts for two weeks in July. We will be meeting up with our whole team, the Jones family, Gibb family, Laura Thulesen, and also the potential teammates, the Kenner family. This will be the first chance that we will all be in the same place at the same time BEFORE all moving to Vanuatu together! We will be using this opportunity to build strategy and also continue to develop our relationships with each other etc. We are so excited for these two weeks to come! Please pray for us as we look at travel options to get to GA! I really do not want to drive with our two little ones across the country and we are weighing out the cost of flight (exceedingly more than expected) and the cost of the drive.

We are also continuing to build relationships this summer. If you are at all interested in what God is doing in Vanuatu with us and would like to meet with us for questions or whatever....CALL US. That is the whole reason we are still here in the states!!!!!! We would LOVE to hear from you! :)

So that is what we are up to these days...visit our website for updated prayer requests and also our schedule...www.richardsroad.com.

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