Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Houghton's sister, Bethany, gets married

Houghton's little sister, Bethany was married on Saturday, May 26th. Jesiah was the "flower girl" :) And I have to say that he did a magnificent job! We were constantly telling him throughout the day that he need to walk slow and boy did he follow directions! The groom's, Waiman, nephew carried the pillow and kept telling Jesiah to "come on". It was adorable. This was Jesiah's first wedding! What a little handsome man he is! Don't you agree? Houghton put the cake on the cake stands...I stood a far off so as not to be to blame if something happen to it! It was a beautiful cake.
Jesiah is a little "ladies man" with this wink he learned from grandpa Thulesen!
The married couple. Bethany and Waiman Leung.
Houghton's mom's mom....wow it is weird to type that out...and Gwen and I at the reception dinner.
Bethany and her new husband live in GA just outside of Atlanta. Waiman will be leaving for Iraq in August to spent 18 months there.

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