Thursday, May 17, 2007

Presenting in Broadus Elementary

We had the awesome opportunity to drive to Broadus, which is about 80 miles South of Miles City, and tell the elementary students about Vanuatu. It was a blast. We brought a short video and some Vanuatu "souvenirs" to show them and then had a question and answer time. Houghton and I had a great time sharing with these energetic little bodies about something that makes our semi-old bodies energetic...moving to Vanuatu to tell Ni-Vans about Christ.

I really wish I would have remembered our camera so I regret to say that I do not have any pics of the school.

We are hoping to get a chance to share with the public schools here in Miles City as well. What an excellent age to open their eyes to the world! Especially here in Montana, we can forget that there are other cultures out there and that even though they are so different from us, we still can be a part of the lives of the people across the world from us!

Thank you all who were praying for us as we shared today. We were well received and had a lot of great questions.

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